By Eleanor Formaggio


A mother’s journey of praying for a prodigal

HELD contains spiritual insights, prayers, and a story that is both painful and hopeful at the same time. While God was looking out for Eleanor’s son even when he wandered far, He was taking her on an intensely personal journey as well. 

In sharing her story, Eleanor encourages us that we can trust God to lift our loved ones out of the mire at just the right time, and explains why He is careful not to do it a moment too soon.  In the waiting, however, we can actively partner with God. By pulling on the rope of prayer, we can move mountains, activate angels, and hear Jesus whisper into our own hearts as we wait for our prodigals to return.

This is a mother’s story. Packed with strategies and insights, it will empower you to fight for the future of your child and partner with God for the destiny on their life-and yours!


Eleanor Formaggio

A mother and counsellor with a degree in Applied Social Science. Combining her practical knowledge and faith experience, she brings a prophetic spiritual dimension and offers hope to Christian parents and families who are experiencing real life difficulties.

What a great testimony.  This book will bring great encouragement to so many.



A gifted writer and definitely a worthy story to share with people.

– Christina S. 


I definitely found the book spoke to my heart as a mother and I just know so many other women will be blessed to read it.

– G.P.